Hersham’s answer to Joe Wicks-‘PTPompei’

During this time of isolation and lockdown, there is really truly little to get excited about in terms of events. I feel because of this, many of us have been able to appreciate the simpler things in life such as exercise. Many people (including myself) have if anything been able to exercise more as we feel we need to have more of a routine. Joe Wicks has broken onto the scene with his workout videos which seemed to have swarmed across social media to the extent where it’s impossible to not encounter him on a daily basis.

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Sam Thorley-Proof TikTok is not just a teenage girl’s world

Sam Thorley is a content creator on TikTok, making comedy videos. Just to clarify to those who are unaware, being called old on the app doesn’t necessarily mean that you are elderly like it does in real life. It seems like once your late twenties, everyone seems to throw the label of old on everyone.

When he joined the Zoom call, I was surprised at how much quieter and more reserved he was. I suppose this was because when you think of people who are funny you tend to think of loud personalities. With Sam it was different but not in a bad way at all. To me, he came across as one of those people who only spoke when they actually had something to say, which in my experience many of those types of people are actually the funniest.

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Top 10 Underrated Paul McCartney Songs


Paul McCartney has been a prominent figure in the music world since the 60s. Since The Beatles split in 1970, McCartney has released 25 studio albums from the immensely successful Band On The Run in 1973 to his most recent release 2018’s Egypt Station. I want to look at the songs that perhaps not many will know about, in a 50 year plus career there are certainly many. My criteria is any song from Paul’s solo and Wings career is fair game but, only one song per album.

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Life in a South African boarding school

Evan Thomas lived in South Africa from the ages 8-14 and spent a year in boarding school aged 13. I sat down with him as he reflected on his time in Limpopo and specifically the boarding school. The school he attended was one of the best not just in Limpopo (a South African provenance that borders Mozambique and Botswana) but in the whole of the country. When I asked him the classic question of “what was it like?” He answered that it was like a 50s boarding school style, he quipped “the teachers can’t beat you, but the students can.” The majority of students were from rich backgrounds from different countries spread across Africa. When applying there was a weekend which Evan described as being like an audition where they determined whether they’d let you into the school or not.

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Sam Fender-‘Hypersonic Missiles’ Review

Born and raised in North Shields 25-year-old Geordie Sam Fender dropped his debut album ‘Hypersonic Missiles’ on September 13th, 2019. With this in mind you’d expect maybe some nice guitar and some patchy song writing as it’s a young man’s first major project. But this collection of songs surprised me in how mature it really is, the issues and themes explore many aspects of life. From ignorance of world problems and how we can all come together to try and fix it, to exploration of affairs, white privilege and the struggles of the northern working class. Continue reading “Sam Fender-‘Hypersonic Missiles’ Review”

Newcastle United will never progress under Mike Ashley

Mike Ashley has been owner of Newcaslte for 13 years now. In that time it’s certainly never been quiet or uneventful on Tyneside. While a top five finish in the 2011/2012 season was achieved, it has been mostly mid-table finishes and relegation fights for the Toon Army. For most part since 2007, Newcastle have not really looked as if there was any progress under way.

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The effects of supporting a football team and why fans keep coming back

Eric Cantona once famously said: “You can change your wife, your politics, but never, never change your football team.” There are many highs and lows in football, some fans experience more highs then lows and other experience more lows than highs. I chatted with three footballs fans, who each support a team with a different context in the English game. Continue reading “The effects of supporting a football team and why fans keep coming back”

How to: Retake Year 12

Making the decision to retake year 12 can be a daunting one. You begin asking questions such as: Did I waste an entire year of my life? What’s the point? I know this because that was me nearly four years ago, been there done that. I learnt a lot from my extra year in sixth form, so I thought I’d offer some advice to those are worried or anxious about doing so. Continue reading “How to: Retake Year 12”

Colchester United season overview: A season of highs and lows

It was a 8th place finish this season for Colchester United in League Two in the 2018-19 season, McGreal’s men were just one point off 7th with 70 points, if they had finished there the final play-off spot would’ve been secured. When comparing to last year it is certainly an improvement with the U’s finishing 13th in the 2017-18 campaign with 62 points. I asked the Colchester Gazette’s Jonathon Waldron about his take on the season as he has watched United throughout the season covering every game. Continue reading “Colchester United season overview: A season of highs and lows”

A miserable Ipswich Town season overview

It’s been a historical season for Ipswich Town football club, unfortunately it has been for all the wrong reasons. The club was relegated to League One finishing bottom of the Championship with 31 points and 14 points away from safety, next season will be the first time that the club has played in England’s third tier since 1957. Continue reading “A miserable Ipswich Town season overview”