Hersham’s answer to Joe Wicks-‘PTPompei’

During this time of isolation and lockdown, there is really truly little to get excited about in terms of events. I feel because of this, many of us have been able to appreciate the simpler things in life such as exercise. Many people (including myself) have if anything been able to exercise more as we feel we need to have more of a routine. Joe Wicks has broken onto the scene with his workout videos which seemed to have swarmed across social media to the extent where it’s impossible to not encounter him on a daily basis.

However, it may seem there is a new Joe in town. Joe Pompei, a fully qualified personal trainer from Hersham has been doing his own online workouts from the video calling app Zoom. As someone who is participating in these workouts (when I’m not drowning in university work!) it’s certainly a really fun but also interactive experience.

He runs two sessions six days a week which start at 5PM and finish at 7PM, regardless of the exercise many turn out on their phone cameras or laptop webcams are supplied with a wide range of exercise techniques for all abilities.

Before the lockdown Pompei was working at Pure Gym in Walton On Thames, where he worked ten hours a week giving gym classes and helping with the cleanliness of the gym too. Outside of his gym hours, Joe was giving one to one classes to a number of clients.

Pompei in his work uniform.

Pompei did mention Wicks being part of the reason he began doing the Zoom classes. However, his approach is slightly different, the reason being, “People enjoy more one to one contact”, he told me. The positives are that because they’re video group calls participants can improve their form and it feels more personal as oppose to just watching a video. Another driving factor was not only just to help grow the ‘PTPompei’ brand but because “I like to help people”, he explained.

Don’t just take mine and Joe’s word for it, clients of ‘PTPompei’, keeping coming back for more, Rory O’Doherty who used to go often with Pompei to the gym as well as using other online videos he could find to keep in shape, praised the fact that the calls helped him create a daily routine and a consistent schedule. O’Doherty told me that, “Even when we were at the gym, he was always motivating me and pushing me to do that extra weight and that extra push”. He went on to say that he pushes you to the limit but it’s a limit you can reach. “If you can’t do something, he always knows an alternative”, he concluded.

Joe Pompei provides a number of exercises with and without equipment.

Rory’s goal has been to gain more weight through building more muscle. Thus far his goal is being met, as he stated that since doing the sessions, he’s noticed an increase in his weight as well as building of muscle.

Rory O’Doherty (20) uses his iPad to access the Zoom calls hosted by ‘PTPompei’.

As well as being a great motivator and someone who pushes you hard, Pompei has something for everyone. Before she began the Zoom classes, Mia Partridge was getting her exercise through going to the gym where she used things such as the rowing machine, leg press and also going for runs. Like O’Doherty, Mia commended the set time which helped her also build a routine which revolved around the exercises. One of the classes titled ‘Legs, bums and tums’, was a particular favourite of Partridge’s, “it’s nice to have a session with the girls as none of the lads turn up to that one!” she quipped.  “He also makes sure you drink lots of water”, she added.

As far as improvement is concerned, she had a number of them she was able to discuss with me. This included her form and technique, endurance, stronger legs and arms, “Oh and I’ve got triceps now too!” she joked.

Mia Partridge (19) logs onto her laptop to access her sessions.

It is clear for Rory, Mia and many more, ‘PTPompei’ has been able to create something for people to get excited for. Not just that, but Joe has been that motivational force that has helped people build a routine and schedule, keeping people fit and perhaps driving them towards the peak of their physical fitness.

If you wish follow Joe’s PT account it is ‘@ptpompei’.

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